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Syndicated eCommerce Sage

Celebrating 16 years of Syndicated eCommerce

Digital Catalogs

WebStack's Syndicated eCommerce Services include a newly developed process for building and managing very large catalogs by integrating the combined products of multiple vendors into a common database and then syndicating them to each of multiple subscribers as cascading libraries of custom catalogs...
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Magento 2

WebStack's Syndicated eCommerce Services are built on the Magento 2 platform and integrated with the network's hub. Best-in-Class technology supports the Magento 2 stores and ensures the performance, security and ease of use expected by a large integrated network...
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WebStack's Syndicated eCommerce Services enable small/midsize businesses to access modern Internet technology thru the "cloud" without overloading these businesses with the heavy burden of their own IT department. The flexibility of the cloud also provides for maximizing technical innovation and collaboration between trading partners...
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