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Leadership & History

WebStack was founded in 2000 to develop and deliver premium eCommerce Services

           John Francis
Founder - Director - Designer
Syndicated Ecommerce Sage

Lt. Col. John Francis (USAF, ret) is an entrepreneur with 48 years experience in information systems, advertising, marketing, and aerospace engineering.  His success as a private businessman, corporate executive, consultant and military test pilot provide a unique perspective for exploiting the technical innovations that are driving modern American businesses.

In 1996, he developed a passion for lowering the cost of professional-level ecommerce technology and delivering it within a business model that would enable small businesses to compete with larger companies on the Internet.
In 2000, he founded WebStack to develop and deliver such a service; high-quality, affordable e-commerce using a subscription model. His syndicated e-commerce approach, which focuses on building networks of sales channel partners is still unique to this field, and is a testimonial to his business acumen and his dedication to his customers' success.

In 2002, Francis secured an exclusive agreement to provide Syndicated eCommerce services to Honeywell Inc's Automation and Control Solutions Division, resulting in the development of the first E-StorePRO platform for HVAC contractors. This service continues to this day.
By 2012, WebStack had expanded their e-commerce service to include distributors and began syndicating website content to the distributors' contractors. The demand from distributors to include multiple vendors product catalogs in their websites drove WebStack to expand their services yet again in 2016; this time to include building and maintaining manufacture's product catalogs in digital format.

To accommodate these additional services, WebStack has become WebStack Ventures, LLC and looks forward to many more years of serving as the premier provider of Syndicated eCommerce services to manufacturers' sales channels nationwide.