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eCommerce on Magento 2

WebStack's Syndicated eCommerce Services are built on the Magento 2 platform.

The world's leading e-commerce solution is enhanced by numerous software extensions that provide features to ease the distributor's wholesale fulfilment tasks, such as:

  • Customer group-specific catalogs

  • Customer group-specific discount pricing

  • Customer group-specific tiered (bulk) pricing

  • Customer group-specific price-book printing

  • Application and approval process for granting new customers access to the store's pricing and transaction processes.

Navigation, catalog and checkout processes have been optimized for transactions between network partners, including features to secure your customers' orders and financial data while making purchasing transactions more efficient for the both of you. 

And, thousands of additional extensions are available to meet the business requirements of a specialized industry. If these are not sufficient, there are hundreds of Magento development partners worldwide that are eager to provide custom extensions if necessary.

For a complete listing of MAGENTO FEATURES click here

Best-in-Class Technology supports the Magento 2 stores and ensures the performance, security and ease of use expected by a large integrated network.

The Network's stores all feature the following benefits:

  • Cloud Hosting: Our networks enjoy a secured, PCI compliant, unlimited bandwidth environment

  • Database Management: Each network's library of manufactures' catalogs are synchronized with a database manager designed especially for Magento stores

  • Automated Database Synchronization: Key catalog sources are synchronized frequently (depending upon volatility) to insure that each store has access to the latest product information.

  • Advanced Catalog Assembly: All catalogs contain digital content assembled and deployed into custom catalogs for each store

  • Easy Store Management: Each network store can be administered by an easy-to-use online tool that provides the subscriber's staff real-time control of the store's display, order processing, and business records.

  • HTML5, CSS3, & PHP: Our expertise and adherence to these standards insures the long-term viability of each store and the network's inter-operability.