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Digital Product Catalogs

Catalog Development & Management

Large manufacturers began preparing for B2B around 2008 when they started investing in product information management tools (PIMs) for their own digital catalogs and publishing them on-line. At that time, they were the only vendors that could afford such a huge undertaking. And with their desire to do so came the tools from IT to make it easier and cheaper. Now, more and more manufacturers are investing in building and maintaining the digital versions of their own catalogs and they can be used for all sorts of on-line enterprises with their business partners.

But for distributors, it is still an ongoing process since so many of their vendors are mid-market, or small manufacturers. Most of these vendors still have not managed to generate their digital product data. So now, many distributors are trying to take the bull-by-the-horns and speed up the process so that they can effectively compete on-line with large enterprises.

This is where WebStack and our Syndicated eCommerce Services can help. In the process of deploying our networks, we are also completing the distributor's catalogs by assembling their multiple vendors' catalogs into a library that becomes the master-source database for the entire network. Then we syndicate the appropriate library components (specific to each manufacturer) to each dealer who belongs to the network.

And of course, these catalogs must be maintained and managed as the dynamics of the economy and new products dictate. Fortunately, the IT industry has belatedly developed the tools for this purpose and we are able to incorporate these tools into the core and essence of our Syndicated eCommerce Services.