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WebStack's Syndicated eCommerce Networks include a newly developed process for building very large catalogs by integrating the combined products of multiple vendors into a common database and then syndicating them to each of multiple subscribers as cascading libraries of custom catalogs.

The Network sponsor's catalog is the baseline for a multi-vendor catalog. Product lines include products, supplies and tools across residential, commercial and industrial lines from the entire industry. Other catalogs and manuals may be added to the multi-vendor libraries in the following fashion:

  • Industry-specific Libraries: The product catalogs of industry-leading manufacturers
  • Network-centric Libraries: Syndicated product catalogs of distributor-selected vendors
  • Customized Dealer Libraries: Add-on products of private/local products and services

WebStack has developed a process for integrating the latest automated, web-content capturing technology and database-editing tools to build and maintain each vendor's individual catalog. These catalogs contain the necessary product data such as descriptions, images, documentation, pricing and SKUs/models to dynamically construct and display a web page for each product (of which there are tens of thousands). As each catalog is completed, it is integrated into the network's online database and syndicated to the sponsors' chosen partners. These catalogs can be navigated, searched, sorted, compared, and separately displayed with each manufacturer's branding.

This database can then be tailored to the catalog needs of each customer group, including catalog contents, pricing, and promotions.