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Syndicated eCommerce

WebStack's Syndicated eCommerce service is unique among business-to-business (B2B) services for manufacturers, distributors, dealers and sales representatives in the manufacturing industries. Unique because of the way that the leading Internet technologies are combined with our proprietary concept for building networks of online stores for distributors, dealers and sales representatives - based upon a syndicated library of manufacturers' product catalogs specific to each industry.

Best-in-Class Technology

  • Cloud Hosting: Our networks enjoy a secured, PCI compliant, unlimited bandwidth environment
  • Magento E-Commerce Platform: All stores are built upon the world's leading e-commerce solution
  • Database Management: Each network's library of manufactures' catalogs are synchronized with a database manager designed especially for Magento stores
  • Automated Database Synchronization: Key catalog sources are synchronized frequently (depending upon volatility) to insure that each store has access to the latest product information.
  • Advanced Catalog Assembly: All catalogs contain digital content assembled and deployed into custom catalogs for each store
  • Easy Store Management: Each network store can be administered by an easy-to-use online tool that provides the subscriber's staff real-time control of the store's display, order processing, and business records.
  • HTML5, CSS3, & PHP: Our expertise and adherence to these standards insures the long-term viability of each store and the network's inter-operability.

Library of Cascading Master Catalogs

  • Industry-centralized Library: The product catalogs of industry-leading manufacturers

  • Network-centralized Library: Additional product catalogs of distributor-select vendors

  • Dealer-specific Library: Individual catalogs of private/local products and services

Syndicated eCommerce Networks

  • Manufacturers provide:
    • Network Sponsorship: WebStack's syndicated e-commerce networks are built and deployed in partnership with a leading industry manufacturer for its sales channel partners
    • Tools/Process Design: Each manufacturing partner will assemble a team of experienced distributors and dealers to guide the development of the e-commerce tools and processes for their network.
    • Marketing Leadership: Each manufacturing sponsor provides marketing leadership, co-branding and funding consistent with their traditional roles with distributors and dealers
    • Sales Leadership: Sponsoring manufacturers will enable and encourage each of their distributors to establish their own online store and a syndicated e-commerce networks of dealers
    • Technical Validation: The sponsoring manufacturers provide IT resources to validate the technical infrastructure for their networks to its members
    • Industry Knowledge and Experience: Sponsoring manufacturers develop and share their knowledge-base of successful online sales strategies with network menbers (advertising, SEO, pricing, affiliates, etc.)
  • Distributors provide:
    • Marketing Leadership: Each distributor partners with WebStack in deploying an online store and their syndicated network of dealers.
    • Sales Leadership: Each distributor will enable and encourage each of their networks dealers to establish their own online store
    • Business Leadership: Each distributor will work with members of their network in providing fulfillment and order processing as mutually agreed
  • Dealers provide:
    • End-user Customers: Each dealer offers sales and services to their customers through an online store integrated into network
    • Localized Impact: Each dealer store provides a localized community presence for the network's products, information and services
    • Recurring Revenue: Each dealer's store is built with features for generating a recurring revenue stream by offering recurring parts replacement and agreements for period service checks
    • Customer Communications: Each dealer store provides an avenue for frequent customer communication and /or contact for retaining a business relationship

Network Dedicated, Personalized Support

  • Dedicated project manager/administrator: Each network will have a named Project Manager to address a store's operational/technical issues
  • Dedicated front-end developer: Each network will have a Design Chief to assist with a store's design/setup issues
  • Support for Life: Technical Support will be available for the duration of each clients' service subscription