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Utilities & Contractors


WebStack’s Syndicated eCommerce Networks provide the perfect service for collaborative partnerships between utilities and residential contractors to exploit e-commerce technology for the benefit of the utility's customers (homeowners/businesses). For instance, service agreements/homeowner's insurance, underwritten by a utility can provide homeowners freedom from worry over utility breakage over the last few meters of the service lines from the street. The network can be used to alert the utility of the problem, dispatch a repair team and execute payment transactions when the service is complete. The on-line synergy created between the utility, contractor, and homeowner can be a valuable contributor to maintaining good homeowner relationships. And, depending upon the state laws, the undewriter for such insurance can even be third party.

All utilities stores are beautifully designed and custom branded for each company in the network. And by joining a Syndicated eCommerce Network, you will enjoy considerable savings over "going it alone". Call us for more information at 573-885-0771.