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WebStack's services include a proprietary process for building digital catalogs for small/mid-sized manufacturers.

This process includes the creation, organizing and formatting of each manufacturer's product information into a database (catalog) that can be easily managed and maintained. These digital catalogs are then assembled into secure on-line servers ("the cloud"), creating libraries for each industry (e.g.HVAC). Once assembled, these libraries allow us to sort, format and syndicate the catalogs to each manufacturer's approved subscribers; such as distributors, marketing agencies, and printers, etc.

WebStack's toolset includes the latest web-content capturing technology and database management tools.

With these tools, we are able to process the product information (such as descriptions, images, documentation, pricing, location and SKUs/models) and dynamically construct a data package for each product (of which there might be tens of thousands) and enter it into the manufacturer's catalog. As the catalog is completed, it is integrated into WebStack's online libraries.

WebStack's on-line catalog libraries are an essential B2B resource - current and readily accessible to trading partners.

From the libraries, the catalogs can be syndicated to the manufacturer's chosen partners where they can be published in ecommerce stores, social media and other digital marketing tactics, with each manufacturer's branding - for customers to search, sort, compare, and select.