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WebStack provides technical support for the subscription duration of every network member

B2B eCommerce is a very complicated and technical undertaking - typically involving website designers, digital marketers, database administrators, content copywriters, cybersecurity experts, server administrators, payment processing and shipping APIs and ERP integrators - and so on; essentially an entire IT department. So, how are businesses in the small and mid-markets to deal with this? Even if they could afford it, how would they manage this team of experts?

There has to be another way for smaller companies to participate in the enormous B2B opportunity.

WebStack believes that innovating a sea-change will be the only way. Businesses must learn to collaborate with others within their industry - and with those from outside their industry who know the technology well enough to share it for the mutual benefit of all. This is the thinking behind Syndicated eCommerce Networks and our promise to include life-long technical support for the subscribers to our service. Our business model permits us to share our knowledge with all members of our networks during the long months it takes to build them and then share in our clients success during the years that we are associated.

This means that current subscribers to WebStack's Syndicated eCommerce Networks will always be able to contact us for support regarding changes to their on-line store. This support will include changes in the branding, version, catalog, payment processing, etc, as well as correcting technical problems with the website or server infrastructure. Routine changes will be accomplished at no additional charge while substantive changes (e.g. additional vendor product lines) will incur an additional charge based on our current hourly rates.