Digital Catalogs


Every engagement needs an engagement ring. The digital catalog is the diamond in your B2B engagement offering. It must be the "SPARKLING" component of your proposal to your customer. It provides the excitement and vision to the transaction and future relationship. Of course the product information data must provide a strong setting, but the catalog is where the romance begins. WebStack will provide the creative content and persuasive presentation that will convince your prospects that this is what they have been looking for.

Why Digital Catalogs?
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Creating Content


Teamwork and Talent > AMAZING RESULTS

Creating the content for a large Product Data Information project is an imposing, multi-faceted task - one that is the primary hurdle to a successful B2B enterprise. It involves collaboration between many vested and contracted entities:

  • Product Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Industrial Photographers
  • Technical Copywriters

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Digital Marketing Firms
  • Security Agencies
  • Attorneys

WebStack will provide a Project Coordinator to work with our client's Project Manager to assist in this arduous coordination task to ensure the desired outcome.


Document Libraries


Document libraries are key to maintaining relationships with existing customers when problems occur. Your online documents must be easily accessible and provide a way to respond to your customers needs whenever they choose. The document library should include the following product information:
  • User Guides
  • Product Specifications
  • Parts & Maintenance
  • Safety Instructions
  • Locations & Contacts
WebStack will organize these documents and keep them current and available within your online libraries.

Online documents are portable, printable and current.


Database Design


Database design, development and administration is the most technically challenging part of the Product Management Information enterprise. Being a multi-channel delivery device means that multiple inputs must be accommodated (marketing, engineering, accounting) as well as the omni-channel output to users (advertising, eCommerce, printing) that always have differing data format requirements. The new software PIMS will handle this, but they are very expensive to purchase or rent and to train a staff to use. Therefore, they present a high financial risk to mid-level manufacturers and distributors that do not maintain an IT department for installing and maintaining such equipment.

WebStack's Product Database Solution

WebStack has developed an affordable, proprietary system for managing and syndicating product data information. Our system provides most of the operational benefits - without the enormous upfront expenses of a PIM. The system has evolved from our experience with hundreds of syndicated e-commerce projects. Built upon proven technology that we have integrated on our own servers on a tier-1 data center, it is easily deployed in the cloud for universal secure access by your own team and trading partners.

Databases provide the best catalog results
if they are properly designed for online presentation.


Cloud Syndication


Manufacturers with great digital data libraries are already way ahead on the B2B curve. But even their real ROI comes when they can syndicate the data effectively to their trading partners, their marketing agencies, and their business affiliates. It will be further enhanced when these partners can in-turn, syndicate this data to their partners. WebStack's proprietary "stack" of product data technology offers the opportunity to distribute a manufacturer's data throughout an entire industry's eco-system.

Cloud Syndication

Cloud syndication enables manufacturers' trading partners to
engage their customers on thousands of ecommerce outlets nationwide. Distributors can release a swarm of contractors with mobile devices carrying their product catalogs every day.


Life-long Support


B2B eCommerce is a very complicated and technical undertaking - typically involving an entire IT department. So, how are businesses in the small and mid-markets to deal with this? And even if they can afford it, how would they manage this team of experts? There has to be another way for smaller companies to participate in the enormous opportunity that is B2B.

WebStack's Partnership Solution
"Collaborate to Compete"

To meet this challenge, manufacturers and their trading partners must find better ways to work together, collaborating with each other and those who know the technology. WebStack's business model permits us to share our knowledge and new ideas with our clients, partnering in our mutual success.
WebStack's clients will always be able to contact us for support regarding changes to their Product Data needs. This support will include changes or additions to the catalog, as well as correcting technical problems with the database or syndication files.