Life-long Support

Life-long Support


B2B eCommerce is a very complicated and technical undertaking - typically involving an entire IT department. So, how are businesses in the small and mid-markets to deal with this? And even if they can afford it, how would they manage this team of experts? There has to be another way for smaller companies to participate in the enormous opportunity that is B2B.

WebStack's Partnership Solution
"Collaborate to Compete"

To meet this challenge, manufacturers and their trading partners must find better ways to work together, collaborating with each other and those who know the technology. WebStack's business model permits us to share our knowledge and new ideas with our clients, partnering in our mutual success.

WebStack's clients will always be able to contact us for support regarding changes to their Product Data needs. This support will include changes or additions to the catalog, as well as correcting technical problems with the database or syndication files.

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