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WebStack's Designers have 20 years experience in e-commerce website development.

All of our e-commerce stores are beautifully designed and custom branded for each company. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the highest level of on-line marketing presence. We intend to keep leading.

Our Premium eCommerce Service is built on Magento 2, the world's leading e-commerce platform:

Performance: Our store's navigation, catalog and checkout processes have been optimized for wholesale transactions including features to protect your customers' orders and financial data while making purchasing transactions more efficient for you and your customers.

Extensions and customization: Thousands of additional extensions are available to meet the business requirements of any specialized distributorship. If these are not sufficient, there are hundreds of Magento development partners available to us worldwide, that are eager to develop custom extensions if necessary.

Hosting: Each network and all of their e-commerce websites are hosted in a tier-4 data center using a dedicated server in a cloud infrastructure within the U.S. The data center's hosting services include a PCI Compliance guarantee, unlimited storage and bandwidth, e-mail services, domain services, and firewall services.

WebStack's website installations support:

  • Multiple store views to permit different looks for seasonal changes or special events
  • Multiple language versions
  • Multiple websites to support multiple store locations, demographics and taxation areas
  • Multiple companies to share syndicated catalogs while allowing customization for local services and products

An expanded list of Magento's features can be found at: Magento Features